Who is Annabel Hodges?

I am a digital marketing professional –  specialising in integrated digital performance and organic strategies including  all the best acronyms – PPC, SEO, SMO, CRO, DSPs, DMPs… and Analytics.


I believe an integrated approach to digital marketing is vital to any successful campaign and elements such as usability should always be taken into account. I like understanding what makes people tick, and what doesn’t.  It’s not just about traffic, it’s about understanding what makes a website work – how do you get people there, what do they do when they get there and how can you get them to do what you want them to do?


On the side, I’m a bit of resigned geek to all things food, music, comic book (mostly involving superheroes) and well… pandas. I’ve also recently started exploring the world of aerial silks, which terrifies me and excites me in equal measure. Having spent a decade in London,  I am now based in Sydney and am very much enjoying exploring the crazy land that is Australia. So much to see, do, taste and get freaked out by in this country! I grew up in France (Salut les francophones!), with a Chinese mother and spent some time living in Spain, so all things multicultural are generally quite close to my heart. I apparently also have a’Pan-Global face’ (TM. Sam Loomes 2010). Apparently I look like I’m from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Everybody needs a party trick.


Check out the Things I’ve Done section to see some of my work, and projects I am or have been involved in. Use the Contact Form to drop me a line.

My Work

  • Copywriting: Industry Expertise
  • Fashionable Egghead